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Okay, so this may be a bit of tinhatting on my part but…

I feel like ever since the bullshit tweet, Louis has just been 24539348% fucking done with all this coverup nonsense. Like, okay. The tweet happened on 16 September. FIVE DAYS LATER, this happened

Even if you’re just taking the piss and giving him a hard time, YOU DON’T SAY SHIT LIKE THAT LESS THAN A WEEK AFTER YOUR PUBLIC MELTDOWN when you know full well that people are going to notice it and take it as innuendo. You just don’t, okay Louis? 

And then a few weeks later, we get interviews like this

where they’re so obviously in their own little world and don’t even give a fuck that anything else is going on. And they make gay sex jokes throughout the entire interview. DIP IN, LAD. DIP YOUR WICK. You don’t make these jokes if you’re tired of everyone thinking you’re gay. 


A video which, obviously, is at least about a year old judging by Liam’s hair. And the thing is, it wasn’t leaked by some fan who got ahold of it. It wasn’t edited together with that music by some girl who’s trying to make it look like more than it is. IT WAS RELEASED BY 4music.com TODAY. After all this time.

Seriously, my opinion is that when Louis saw the bullshit tweet he was just like

and finally drew a line. And this is that line. On the other side there is SO MUCH GAY. And I just can’t handle it.

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