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October/November Larry Timeline and Masterpost

This is for anyone who’s been doubting Larry recently, because once you see this all in one place, you won’t have any doubts left. I promise. There’s literally been more than one major thing almost every day for a solid month and a half.

None of the 39485739486 photos or gifs belong to me. If you want credit, just let me know.


Oh and if anyone tries to tell you that we’re “ruining their friendship” or “affecting the way they act in public” you should totally point them here, because WOW. We really aren’t.

5 October

They spent the afternoon together, but photo ban/injunction, they weren’t photographed together. Notice the white van behind them both and Stan in the background of the Harry photo.

6 October 

X Factor UK Appearance

And closing in on just the two of them

Aka the photo that gave us so many height difference feels

Also, this day was the only Elounor sighting throughout all of October and so far November. :)

7 October

Teen Awards

Working the red carpet together

Heart eyes during a press conference

Accepting an award (again with the ridiculous heart eyes)

Backstage before their performance

Interview in the toilets

Gay sex joke that of course only Harry and Louis laugh at

8-10 October

Not much happened

11 October

Boys in Paris


Harry, you know you don’t have to laugh at everything he says, right?

12 October

Preinterview for the Late Late Show

I’m including these because it sort of looks like they could be holding hands, but also because Louis’ giving the interviewer a total bitchface as she hits on Harry.

And let’s not forget this little gem —


Late Late Show Interview

This was also the day that Louis got his first tattoo and Harry got “Things I Can/Can’t”.

13-15 October

Not much happened

16 October

The day Louis officially started standing up to management and rebelling in every possible way. 

Free Radio Interview


Someone off camera told him to stop interacting with Harry, and that was apparently the funniest thing Louis had ever heard.

Harry, you probably shouldn’t eat your boyfriend for lunch, but that’s just a suggestion.


"You’re a little bitch."

Really, though, Louis, do you want me to tear your clothes off right here?

Harry, the camera’s the other way, dear.

And this was the day Louis got his stickman.

17 October

Those damn heart eyes again

Secret Breakfast Interview


Secret conversations


Flirty, flirty, flirty


Yes, Louis, because it’s entirely normal to stick your hand down your pants while staring at your “best friend”

And it’s worth mentioning that the interview that came out today where Louis says “Babycakes” and implies he still lives with someone (Harry) was also filmed on this day.

18-19 October

Nothing happened

20 October


Wherever they were, it was just the two of them, and they were obviously together (same fan in both photos)

21 October

Unclear, but this is the day that Harry and Louis went to Doncaster together. They stayed at Louis’ grandad’s that night. That’s all I know.

22 October 

Harry arriving at the match in his own clothes

Harry after changing into Louis’ shirt

Harry’s face after Louis scored his first goal (omg)

Harry + Stan

Harry Styles — Cheer Captain



Also they played with sick kids at Bluebell Wood that morning. :)

Harry at Bluebell Wood —

23-24 October

Nothing much

25 October

I think this was rehearsals for the tour, but I’m not sure. Either way, all the boys were there, but it looks like Louis and Harry arrived together? Idk

26 October


Again, all the boys were there, but seriously. Spot the couple.

27-29 October

Not much

30 October

Unconfirmed that this is Louis, but it’s definitely Harry. (Some people think it might be Grimmy, but I’m like 95% sure that Grimmy’s taller than Harry so idk)

And then there was the Ustream where they accidentally had the mics on before the cameras came up, and we heard a lot of stuff we weren’t supposed to (Louis saying he’d stand up to management, Louis swearing like mad, basically just Louis being Louis) 

EDIT: The Louis v Management bit is a little unclear. The audio is really quiet and hard to hear, and I know they’re talking about going to Egypt, but I hear him saying “Yeah, yeah, I’d stand up to management.” I’m not 100% sure what he’s referring to though.


Basically constant heart eyes and Harry pretending Liam doesn’t exist in order to pay attention to Louis


Just go ahead and stroke the tattoo that you have in Louis’ handwriting. Okay.

Liam’s face when the name Larry got brought up. Friendly reminder that Zayn also shouted out “Roomies!” at the same time Liam was making this face (though Zayn might have been saying “Homies” instead, but I hear “Roomies”)

And let’s not forget that this was the time Louis accidentally called Harry “baby” on camera.

31 October

Madrid Press Conference




And another conference


Louis denying in clear and simple terms that he’s dating Zayn, and saying they’re just friends (See how easy that was, Louis?)

And then Zayn looks straight over at Harry, who’s grinning like an idiot

Wow, could you not? You’ve got jobs to do.

Appearance on El Hormiguero

I don’t want to talk about it

Grabass on national television. Keeping it classy.

Tracing your fingers down the back of his hand gently is not a platonic gesture, Louis.


1 November

Technically Halloween night, but included so I could show

Louis’ facepaint in Harry’s hair the next morning

Milan Press Conference

They don’t pay you to flirt.

Louis laughing at Liam’s beard joke

Harry, the camera’s the other way. I think I’ve said this more than once, darling.

X Factor Italy

In which there may or may not be a Harry hiding somewhere under that blanket

2 November

Swedish Interview This is TERRIBLE quality. If anyone has a better link, please send it to me! :)


Wow, okay, you should probably just kiss him before we all burst into flames.


Interview in bed

Casual handholding in the middle of an interview

Swedish X Factor


Watching Harry’s solo

3 November

French Dancing with the Stars Again, this one’s really bad quality. Sorry!



Private show in Paris




And also during the secret show, Harry brought up the time he called Louis his boyfriend during an interview by calling him “mon copain” instead of “mon ami”. Liam cut him off and Louis slapped a hand over his mouth, but it was obviously heading in that direction.

4-5 November 


6 November

No photos, but the photoban/injunction was made obvious — Harry wasn’t seen in any pictures with the other boys, but he obviously took the same flight as them, because they arrived in LA together. 

Also, a girl who worked for the airline looked up their flight reservation, and apparently Harry and Louis shared a row.

7 November




Literally as soon as they stepped onto American soil, photos of the two of them together started hitting the internet. This was the first time they’ve been papped together in months. Suspicious?

Also Harry got his birds this night.

8 November

What’s even the point of playing spot the couple anymore


Little Things on X Factor US

Staring at Louis after his Little Things solo. Thanks a lot, Harry.

And this was the night that Louis got his birds and his “Oops!” which I’m 99.9% sure is in Harry’s handwriting.

9 November


They are both so proud of those tattoos just kill me



Someone should hold Louis back, because it looks like he’s about to cut a bitch.

10 November

They’re asked who falls in love the easiest, and Harry and Louis start making eyes at each other and smiling.



Also, this interview was the first time we saw Harry’s Pink Floyd tattoo, but I’m not sure when he got it.

11 November

Not much. Louis and Liam threw food at fans that were stalking their hotel.

12 November

Harry may or may not have gone to paintball with Louis and Liam (I think he did, but it’s up for debate)

13 November

Today Show Interview


Because it’s totally normal to look over at Louis like that as soon as you’re asked if you’re in a relationship


Spot the couple


Where is your hand, Louis? On Liam’s chair, but come on, it looks dodgy.


Making faces at each other. Sassy Harry confuses me…


That was really long

But basically, if you’ve looked through this whole thing, and seen that there has literally been something major happening every day for the past month and a half, all lingering doubt should be pushed from your mind.

And these are just the things I could put a specific date to. There’s been a lot more that’s happened this past month, but I’ve already spent way too much time on this and I’m tired.

These boys are in a relationship. That’s clear. There’s not really much else I can say that will persuade you if you don’t see it by now. So, thanks for reading, I guess.

If you think I’ve missed anything, let me know! <3

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