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December Larry Timeline and Masterpost

This month was rough for us and for the boys, and I’m not going to sugarcoat that. A lot happened that made people doubt Harry and Louis’ relationship, but there were also a lot of things that happened that almost seem to confirm it even more in my eyes. They haven’t broken up, and they haven’t grown apart. They’re in a weird place right now, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as strong as ever.

Please don’t let the media hype surrounding “Haylor” convince you that Harry and Louis have grown apart, because they really, really haven’t.

None of these gifs or photos belong to me, so if they’re yours and you’d like credit, just let me know, and I’ll add you in! 

Like I said, this month seemed like it was a bit rough on us and the boys. Haylor happened. A lot of Haylor happened. And I’m not going to avoid that, because it was a big part of what they went through during these few weeks. But there were also a lot of significant things that happened between Harry and Louis, and I think that’s important.

So let’s get started!

1 December

This month actually started off really well, believe it or not. They played their second build-up show to MSG, and Harry and Louis were basically back to UAN Tour levels of giddy flirtation the entire time they were onstage.

Yes, that’s Louis gesturing to his crotch while Harry stares at him and then laughs.


Do I even need to explain this one? Same, Louis.

And I don’t even really know what to say about THIS ONE, because Harry literally moaned like a pornstar during his solo, and Louis looked so turned on that I was afraid he was going to die, and then Liam turned back to look at him, and Louis laughed and looked embarrassed. Like. HOW.

Here’s Harry moaning, because I know you’re all going to ask me for it.

Also this happened which. Okay.


Also, like, concert Harry was out in fine form on this day. Concert Harry is my favourite Harry, even better than 17 year old Harry. See?

He’s really good at getting off his knees for someone who’s allegedly the straightest guy in the world.

This is really hard to see because it’s so blurry, but it definitely looks like they were either holding hands or arm grabbing behind Liam’s back.

2 December

Okay, so this is when things started to go South. Let’s start off with Louis, because this one sucked less. He wandered around with Eleanor for a while, and let’s all point and laugh at his duck walk, because we all know what that means.

And then they went to see Elf on Broadway with Zayn, Perrie, Liam, and Danielle.

Okay, not so bad, right? But now we’re coming up on the stuff that kind of sucks, so idk prepare. Harry went to the zoo with Taylor Swift. Keep in mind that this is supposedly their “first date”, and Harry chose to bring Tom, Lou, and Lux along with him. That’s not normal. You don’t bring a buffer on your first date with a girl. Anyway, here they are.

Remember back in my November post when I said to keep in mind that we only got one photo of Harry the last time he visited Central Park? Yeah, this is where that becomes important and significant. Because there were literally over a hundred HQ photos released of Harry and Taylor taking a walk in Central Park on this day. Just a walk.

Harry knows how to sneak around and disappear. This doesn’t normally happen to him. We usually barely get pap photos of him at all, because he’s so good at going unnoticed. But as soon as he links up with Taylor Swift, he’s the new media darling, and the paps follow him wherever he goes. 

Anyway, that’s basically all that happened this day, so let’s move on.

3 December

These first few photos are going to hurt, but I’m sure you’ve all seen them already anyway. Basically, Haylor blitz week had just begun at this point. And when I say blitz, I mean it. They were everywhere all the time, and Louis didn’t seem to take it so well. He and Eleanor were out walking that morning, and let’s just say their pap photos were sort of heartbreaking.


This day was actually sort of a turning point for a lot of Larry shippers who didn’t already believe that Louis and Eleanor are friends. She looks like she’s trying to comfort him, and she looks scared. He just looks…numb. 

This was taken a bit later in the day in the dressing rooms at MSG. I don’t want to sound overdramatic here, but if you look at their eyes, it looks like they’ve both been crying.

But the most telling thing is, no matter how upset and broken Louis might have looked earlier in the day, he seemed to light up and cling to Harry more than even normal once they were back together.

They were more touchy onstage than we’ve seen them be in a long time, and Louis spent a lot of the concert glued to Harry’s side. And then this happened, and we all cried.


And then they went to the afterparty, and things got really funny for everyone.

Harry’s singing drunk karaoke with Ed, and Taylor’s dancing in the background with Niall, when suddenly, a wild Jealous Louis appears, shoves between Harry and Taylor, and dances around until Taylor leaves the stage. And the best part is, as soon as she’s off the stage, Louis’ just like “Alright, brilliant. Mission accomplished. Come on, Niall. Let’s go get a drink.”

4 December

The boys played at BringMeTo1D, and Harry and Louis sort of couldn’t keep their eyes off each other the whole time. It was actually pretty great.

I’m starting off with this one, because I feel like everyone in the world wants someone to look at them like this. Do you have any idea how many times that first gif has been misrepresented and used in het Harry imagines? A lot of times. That’s how many. And he’s staring at Louis the whole time.

There’s a fine line between Harry’s death glare and his “I’m so turned on right now I want to slam Louis against a wall” face, and I’m pretty sure this is the second one.

I just.


Your microphone is not your penis.

I mean really, don’t you dare try and tell me that they broke up. Because LOOK AT LOUIS’ FACE.

Subtlety is not a word in their vocabulary. I mean really, they look down at the exact same moment. Completely in sync with each other.

Jealous Louis is probably one of my favourite things.

5 December

This was sort of a slow day, so I’m going to take a minute to talk about Harry’s “walks of shame”. This day was his second one in a row, and honestly, they’re one of the biggest reasons to believe that Haylor is a publicity stunt. Harry has always left through the back doors of hotels. We’ve never seen him papped leaving a hotel. 

Now, suddenly, when it’s ridiculously obvious that we’re supposed to think he just had sex, he’s walking out the front doors in broad daylight, right through a line of paparazzi. And look at his face here. That look SCREAMS shame to me.

He’s not happy about this.

Okay, moving on. The boys filmed clips for a charity single/music video this day.

Harry did this but then got dropped on his face, which was actually pretty great.

Louis seemed like he might have kind of slipped back into his funk a little bit, because he just didn’t look happy.

But he did sass the shit out of the paps that had been taking Haylor photos all week (the guys from StupidFamous).

They got pulled over, for Louis’ sunroofing, but the cop basically just fangirled instead of giving them a ticket.

Also, Louis got his camera tattoo this day, and no, I don’t want to talk about the look on his face.

6 December

The boys taped their appearance on Letterman this day, and again, Louis seemed like he was clinging to Harry more than usual. I actually think Haylor has something to do with this, but not in the way most people assume. Now that both of them publicly have girlfriends, it seems like they’re now allowed to act more like a couple in public. 

Yeah, I’m sure you tried really hard to hide that little smirk Harry.



Harry literally looks like that kid who stares at their crush in class, but then looks away and tries to hide a smile as soon as eye contact is almost made.

Harry goes to put his arm around Louis out of habit, and Zayn even moves his hand to let him, but then Harry remembers he’s not supposed to (or maybe he’s allowed to now, but isn’t used to doing it in public) and stops, and Louis glances over at him when he notices.

And then they filmed this thing for MTV, and I think we all spontaneously combusted.

They seriously act like a married couple, and I love how the other boys are just like “Oh here we go again.” Also don’t even get me started on how tiny Louis looks next to Harry, because fucking hell.

And once more for emphasis…

7 December

They played at Z100’s Jingle Ball, and, well, first off, Louis spent his time on the red carpet making it very clear to everyone exactly how he feels about Taylor Swift.

Are you glad Harry and Taylor got together?

Will Harry be singing with Taylor at all?

And then there was a photobooth thing, which was actually really adorable, and I love this one in particular, because Louis’ just kind of resting his head on Harry’s, and also, Harry looks a lot like George Shelley.

Idk Harry really likes to give himself boobs.

He doesn’t know how to make a paper aeroplane, and he looks up at Louis like “HELP ME.” like he’s panicking a little bit.

Harry messed up his solo while they were performing Little Things backstage, and this was Louis’ reaction. Nobody touch me.

Also Harry looked drop-dead exhausted, and I got kind of really upset about it for a little while, but we’re not going to dwell on this. He was overworked, they all were, but they’ve since had a pretty long break, so I think they’re alright, at least for now.

Also this happened onstage, which. Hello, sexual tension.

8 December

Not a whole lot of big stuff happened this day. The boys all flew back to the UK. Harry apparently arrived separately from the rest of them (with Taylor Swift in tow? Idk).

And then they played the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball. Not much happened, and they only played a few songs, but Louis looked ridiculously good, so here, take a look.

Checking out the boyfriend.

Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I fucking love concert Harry.

9 December

They performed “Kiss You” on the X Factor UK Finale, and Harry spent a lot of time staring at Louis, because he’s Harry, and that’s what Harry does.

And then Louis went out with Eleanor and a bunch of X Factor people.

10 December

Nothing happened. Everyone laid low, and none of the boys were spotted anywhere.

11 December

Harry was somewhere in Cheshire with Taylor. He was spotted at a Tesco and took a picture with some fans.

And then in a pub/restaurant, where he won the award for “Most Passive Participant in a Hug” with Taylor.

His arm is literally in between their bodies. None of the other boys were seen this day.

12 December

Not much. Louis went to Currys or something and shopped for DVDs. I think that MIGHT be Eleanor in the background, but it’s impossible to tell for sure.

And then he decorated his Christmas trees, also with Eleanor.



Which, by the way, this is the first time in months that we’ve seen the inside of Louis and Harry’s place, and it looks like they still live at Princess Park. I think they might have moved into a different/bigger flat in the same building, but it definitely looks like the same architecture style.

Keep in mind that Harry wasn’t spotted at all this day, so for all we know he could have been in London with Louis and Eleanor. He did tweet about getting into the Christmas spirit a few hours before the tree pictures came out. It’s only like a 2-2.5 hour drive from Cheshire, and I make it all the time on weekends.

13 December

Taylor’s birthday. She and Harry were wandering around Warrington (SHOUT OUT TO MY HOMETOWN!) and somehow the paparazzi found them and got 34567456 HQ pictures. They were in the middle of nowhere, and I can personally confirm that paps don’t hang out in Warrington. Ever. Not even when Harry’s there by himself, which he is quite a bit.


Harry looks upset, to say the least. None of the other boys were spotted this day.

14 December

Harry dropped Taylor off at the airport in Manchester and then booked it to Yorkshire for Louis’ birthday party. They wore matching shirts. I’m still crying.

Keep in mind that this was a party organised by Louis’ family, for Louis’ family, yet still, Harry, his mum, and his sister were all invited. I can’t handle this.

Idk If you’ve not been in the fandom for long or haven’t been actively shipping Larry for very long, maybe you don’t realise how incredibly out of the ordinary it is for this picture to have been released. It was even published in a few online articles. Harry and Louis aren’t normally pictured spending time together outside of work things, and this goes right back to what I said earlier about Haylor. Now that they’ve both got girlfriends in the eyes of the public, the reigns have been loosened a bit, and they’re allowed to act more like a couple these days.

And then Harry went to a friend’s party after Louis’ was over.

15 December

Nothing happened. Everyone had the day off, and they all stayed off the grid. Harry tweeted about being “tired and really good” on the morning after his boyfriend’s birthday party, and I died a little bit inside.

16 December

Louis was off the grid all day, but Harry played dress up with Christmas jumpers.

And then went over to Grimmy’s for Christmas dinner with friends.

17 December

Not much happened. Everyone though Liam and Louis went on yet another bro-date at first.

But it turned out they were filming more for their charity single.

And let’s take another look at Harry in that newsboy cap, because omg.

18 December

The boys flew to LA, and they recorded a video in the airport before they left London.

You can literally hear Louis thinking “Don’t look, don’t look. But fucking hell, he’s gorgeous.”

Here’s Harry arriving at LAX.

And then he went straight to the tattoo parlour and had his ship tattoo done.

I. Can’t. Breathe.

19 December

Harry went shopping with Taylor Swift and her mum or something, which looks like it might have been kind of awkward.

But that’s okay, because then he got some food and hung out with a group of people who look like they’re probably a lot cooler than he is.

See? Too cool for Harry Styles.


Cutest face ever. Bye.

The most significant part of December are these tattoos, if you ask me (compass and ship).

And then Louis and Liam actually did go on another bro-date.

20 December

The boys played at the X Factor US Finale, and I’m still honestly in shock over how coupley Harry and Louis were on the red carpet. Like…this isn’t me tinhatting at all. They acted like a couple the entire time. Just. Here, look.

Louis literally couldn’t keep his hands off Harry, and Harry looked like he was loving the extra attention. I’ve already said it a few times, and I don’t want to beat it out too much, but I honestly think this is because of Haylor. It looks less “suspicious” for them to work the red carpet acting like a married couple now that the general public thinks they both have girlfriends.

And they were just so HAPPY together.

And just like. Communicating telepathically with their eyes and trying not to laugh at the interviewers.

It’s like he’s saying “The dumb bitch thinks you’re telling the truth, Harry. Laugh with me.”

This is Louis killing the interviewer in his mind when Taylor gets brought up.

And then the actual performance, where they were just really playful, and Louis made fun of Harry for being so enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Oh and I should have put this at the beginning, because this happened early on in the day, but whatever. I just really like this picture of Louis.

21 December

Louis and the rest of the boys went back to the UK, and Harry stayed back in America with Taylor. Neither of them seemed too happy about the arrangement.

22 December

This day is a little unclear. Harry may or may not have already been back in the UK at this point. He was supposedly spotted in Chesterfield, but I’m pretty sure this is unconfirmed, and I’m not convinced that this is him. It could just be a lookalike.

Anyway, Louis sent a cake to Bluebell Wood, which is the children’s hospital he played his charity football match for.

And that was about it. Niall was in Mulingar. No one else was spotted.

23 December

Nothing happened, no one was spotted anywhere.

24 December

Happy Birthday Louis! 

We didn’t see much of the boys, because it’s a holiday, and even paps and celebrities need time with their families. But Harry was officially spotted back in the UK in the wee hours of the morning.

He’s hiding his chin because he got into a skiing accident. See?

He spent some time with old friends at home.

And got fantastically drunk at a party.

And that’s basically all we know for sure. Remember though, just because there aren’t pictures or tweets doesn’t mean things didn’t happen. They exist outside of the internet, so it’s entirely possible that Harry spent Louis’ birthday with him. We can’t say we know for sure, but it’s definitely not out of the question.

25 December

Merry Christmas!

We don’t know anything about how they spent their Christmases, so we don’t know one way or another what happened. All we know for certain is that Harry went to Nick’s for a midnight Christmas dinner.

26 December

Harry had really shitty seats for a football match.

And then he went bowling with friends.

I told you he really likes to give himself boobs.

Also Jay hosted a family Boxing Day dinner.


27 December

Nothing happened, everyone was missing.

28 December

Harry went to the airport, supposedly to go visit Taylor again, but he “”“forgot”“” his passport in Cheshire, the shifty bastard.

The tabloids said he caught the next flight out, 8 hours later, but there’s not evidence to back that up. No one saw him again until New Year’s Eve, and the whole thing was awarded the first non-ironic gold star in the history of Tumblr.


29-30 December

All the boys were missing. Harry was rumoured to have been spotted in a few random places in America (like literally all over the country) but there aren’t any pictures of him anywhere.

31 December

Harry finally popped up in New York.

First off, he dropped by a fan’s house who apparently has a mutual friend of Harry’s. She was surprised, and it was really adorable.

And then while he was supposedly in New York to see Taylor perform in Times Square, he spent the entire night at a Coldplay concert in Brooklyn. I don’t think we were supposed to know, but he got spotted by fans.

And then once the concert ended, he booked it to Times Square for his very staged and uncomfortable looking New Year’s kiss with Taylor. I’m not going to put the gif here, because NO, but let’s just say it was awkward. They were marched into the middle of the crowd, kissed, and then left again. Basically Harry looked like he wanted to die the entire time.

On the other side of the world, Louis hosted a New Year’s Eve party at his and Harry’s flat, and it produced two wonderful things. First, my newest OTP — Eleanor and Adam Burridge.

I’m on a quest to convince the rest of the fandom that Louis’ trying to set them up.

And second, it gave us the best photoset of Louis that I’ve seen in a long time.

And that was it! That was December! Welcome to 2013!!!

But seriously, I know there were a few rough patches in December, and I think it’s easy to let the bad stuff cloud over the good stuff, but really. There were a lot of good things that happened in December, and none of it suggests that Harry and Louis have grown apart in any way. Please don’t let Haylor make you doubt them, because they’re doing really well. And like I said at a few points during this post, Haylor has even allowed them to act more like a couple in public, which is a good thing. So even though they’ve been apart a bit this month, they’re as strong as ever. :)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!


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